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The HEG team is made up of Mariëlle van Buchem, Stefaan Eskes, John Mahnen and Wouter Steiner. We get real excited about interesting business cases and can’t wait to put our experience and know-how to work in order to see those cases take off. We are entrepreneurs and work the way you probably do: hard and focused with an eye on success and results.

The HEG group is a team of professionals all with senior level management experience in the fields of interactivity, multimedia and sport. HEG is very international both in the makeup of the team members as well as their working experience. The HEG team has set up and managed ventures throughout the world. They have successfully introduced new products and opened new markets for existing ones. Team members have trained, managed and mentored many colleagues throughout their careers.

You will like the fact that this team is very creative. This creativity can be applied to marketing, products or even processes. We can make the difference in giving your project just what is needed to turn it from ordinary into outstanding.

You can’t do what this team has done without building up a very significant network. This network reaches across business disciplines as well as territories and makes HEG a very interesting party to do business with.

In short, HEG is a team that can put what they have done and what they can do to work for you.